Flags For Heroes

Several years ago, as we were putting up flags, a woman pulled over and said she just had to stop because she knew that when there were this many flags, that they were representing real people, real heroes.
See the video and find out more ...
She later agreed to be filmed in this video.  You see, Jill Hardy had lost a son in Iraq and the flags really meant something to her.
View the linked video to hear her words.
Please consider sponsoring a flag for our annual "Flags for Heroes" event.   You never know what it may mean to someone else who sees them.
Flags can be sponsored by downloading and filling in the flyer located on the left side of this page.
Checks can be mailed to the address shown.  You can also scan the QR code or pay $50 using the PayPal button below (no PayPal account required).
Make sure you tell us your hero's name and why you are honoring them!
All proceeds go back to the community, regional, and international Rotary projects that we support: Education, Women's Health, Environmental, & Clean Water and Sanitation.
Flags will be displayed on Route 1 (southbound) just before the Jennersville exit, from Wednesday, May 22rd through Memorial Day.
A list of heroes and their sponsors will be printed (with your permission) in the Daily Local News, the following week.

It's a small sacrifice to honor those who give so much.

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 Thank you for your support!

The West Grove-Avondale Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Your donation may be fully tax-deductible.